Robotic Process (RP)  Ltd. is a technology enabler for all  organizations regardless of their size,industry and technology adoption levels. We believe all organizations can benefit from digital technology solutions. RP Ltd.  founders have many years of experience in developing and implementing digital innovation solutions. Artificial intelligence and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are the newest technologies we utilize to increase your operational excellence levels and business growth.

Robotic Process consultants can transform your business operations and implement the digital solutions  customized to your specific requirements. ERP , CRM and E-Commerce processes are the most logical areas to start your digital transformation journey. We can implement cloud based solutions with rapid deployment and user training services RP Ltd. offers.

RP consultants have also a vast knowledge of  integration and analytics solutions that could be utilized in  projects where legacy systems make up a significant part of your organizations’  IT estate. SaaS (software as a service) and On Premise applications integration are  areas where we provide specific services for our customers.

RPA  and AI solutions we offer are aimed at automating repetitive tasks performed by humans . We implement solutions where software  bots learn these processes and replicate  the human process with perfect accuracy. These systems  can learn to improve processes by facilitating AI algorithms.